With the wide and unwieldy proliferation of high power devices such as power banks, wall chargers, car chargers, and charging cables, your customer’s confidence in reliability and safety has become a paramount decision driver. Basic business responsibility demands that products must be validated on the design level, not just to uncover blatant impairments motivated by cost reduction, but to also to cover for an ubiquitous shortfall in sound engineering competence.

Our electrical engineering expertise, backed by the td brand, will validate the design of your charger down to the IC level by providing you a Product Design Certification Package (PDCP).  The PDCP assesses product performance and points out potential risks, especially in light of reliability and safety.  To any serious and sizable customer, the PDCP may offer the most compelling demonstration of your due diligence in vetting products, thereby, elevating your brand equity as a provider of reliability, safety, and confidence.

We would be glad to service the following types of products for you:

1. Power Banks
2. Wall Chargers
3. Car Chargers
4. Charging Cables
5. Wireless Chargers
6. Bluetooth Devices
7. USB Hubs