Confidence CHECKED with CT100

CONFIDENCE dictates 100%.  Not just in 100% test, but also 100% transparency, 100% accountability, 100% proof. Simply said, CONFIDENCE mandates 100% everything.

CT100 brings us 100%. The CT (pronounced ‘see-tee’) is our proprietary production test system that allows us to see every detail of how your products perform before they get shipped – every power bank, cable, wall charger, car charger — 100%.

The CT factories love it because they get elevated with an 100% quality story. You love it because you enjoy the freedom of 100% CONFIDENCE. We love it because we get appreciated for being 100% control freaks.

CT100 = 100% period

The video below shows the latest fashion wears of a CT factory. Take a look…it might just be the next hoodie to sweep Western civilization.