Safety CHECKED by All2X

All2X validates the SAFETY of our charging devices with extreme burn-in. We impose All of them, not just a small sample, through a burn-in process that involves charge and discharge testing.  This cycling test allows us to validate the proper operation of the high energy batteries and the circuit functions that keep them safe. We do that not just once, but 2X. All of them 2X — that’s extreme burn-in.

Many factories think we are crazy, even as they struggle to keep up with 1X. But we persist, simply because we believe that your best SAFETY story comes from an extreme burn-in that keeps burning chargers extremely far away from you and your customers.

Trivia that deserves trending: how long does a typical All2X burn-in take?

A) 10 Seconds
B) 10 Minutes
C) 10 Hours

We can almost hear you say “wow, they’re crazy” when you see the answer in the video…