Our CT100 factory test system can save you significant inspection costs as it elevates the quality of your quality control.

Maybe you trust your factories. But how do you convince customers?  The CT100 can provide just the proof you need to do that.

Undocumented screen testing is not much better than “no test”.  And this is the mode of operation for the vast majority of China factories.  For each purchase order, CT100 gives you a customer friendly report that documents the exact date, time, and test outcome for every single device.  It will even tell you the name of the operator who ran the test.  The proof is in the pudding, and with the CT, you get one of the most compelling puddings to instill confidence into your customers.

Moreover, from our experience in running millions of devices through the CT100, we have come to see that the transparency and accountability CT mandates not only saves inspection costs, but it also greatly enhances the quality awareness of the operating culture.  The factory elevates their quality mindset and you get quality proof – an absolute win for all.

Please contact us for CT factory references or if you would like your factory to be considered for CT100 deployment.

Do check out this CT100 page for more details.